A Lesson at Medford Lakes

  Hello All!–I wanted to share a gratifying experience with you.  I was invited to Medford Lakes School’s 7th grade classes to discuss my book for young adults, THE STORY OF BLIMA–A HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR.  I was delighted to meet these young people whose questions and responses were both insightful and inspiring.



After relating the story of my mother during her ordeal and explaining the disastrous consequences which can begin by bullying and discrimination, as well as the importance of welcoming immigrants, I found the students engaged and ready to carry forth the message of equality and acceptance for all peoples.  A special thank you to  English teacher, Julia McKinnies for inviting me.  I believe she has a great future ahead of her!   Pictured also with another excellent English teacher, Erin Wharton.  Again, thanks to all.–Shirley