A Poem

Hello Everyone–I hope you are all safe and well during these challenging times.  I thought I would share a recent poem with you.  Better days ahead!–Shirley


                                                   A WISH


Looking down I saw it

A penny

Flat against the slat between the blocks of cement.

The Lincoln head, copper and not a little worn,

Stared up at me

As if to say—well,

Here I am, you lucky duck!

But after contemplating for half a moment

I demurred

Too many chances in this time of pandemic

Too many fears of coin touched by a thousand fingers

And who knows what…?

And so, I left the penny for my thoughts,

And moved on

When again I spied a thing peeking from the corner

Of a neighbor’s yard

Its face a buttery yellow sprouting silky petals of white.

And without hesitation,

I plucked it

And held it to my nose

Inhaling days of earth and sun

I placed the flower deep within the pocket of my coat

Where it remains

A reminder and a wish

As coins lay scattered, forgotten,

But spring,

Spring will come again.

—-  Shirley Russak Wachtel

April 30, 2020