Amy Dagliano–Business Leader

Amy Dagliano

HELLO!–As we weather the Covid19 storm and look forward to sunnier days ahead, meet Amy Dagliano, the founder of Rowan Tree, a co-working and co-growth community space for women, open to ALL.  Amy is someone I have known for several years who continues to inspire me with her leadership, creativity, and warmth.  I hope she inspires you too!  Rowan Tree is a space which has been supporting women in the Northern Virginia region.

NOTE:  The podcast interview with Amy was conducted months before Covid19 changed the world in a myriad of ways.  The following notes come from Amy who along with her partner has altered the space in order to accommodate the needs of everyone at Rowan Tree in a safe and healthy way:

  • We closed our doors Thursday March 12th and pivoted from a 100% in-person community to a 100% virtual community almost overnight. We went live with our first virtual event Monday, March 16th.
  • We have hosted more than 150 sessions/events (workshops, power hours, coffee clubs, yogas, member to member sessions, pivot parties, and more) since March 16.
  • We found during such unstable times our community really appreciated the consistency and support that Rowan Tree provided.
  • Updated and adapted our physical space to include signage, cleaning stations, additional cleaning by staff, mimited access by members, COVID symptom self-certification, spaced out seating, desk dividers, and nano-septic self cleaning surfaces on all shared surfaces.
  • We started testing reopening scenarios to a limited group of members July 8. Then opened a bit more each week.
  • Opened M,W,F starting in August and are maintaining that schedule for now. The closed day in between work days allows for a time, space, and cleaning between visits.
  • Decided to keep the virtual component and restructured our memberships to be flexible for needs of people during this time. There are now 3 main areas where our memberships are focused:
    • Connect + Cogrow with a Community – Community Events + Connection without the Workspace
    • A Place to Work + Focus – Workspace + Business Amenities
    • You Want it All! – A Workspace AND a Community –  Community Events + Connection AND the Workspace
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