Aparna Parthasarathy–Promise for Tomorrow

Hello!–Meet Aparna Parthasarathy, author, feminist, leader, and high school senior!  Find out how she does it all and just why this inspiring and talented young woman gives us hope for the future.  Tune in to my podcast–EXTRAordinary People  on Monday, January 22 at shirleywachtel.com and streaming.

Aparna Parthasarathy is a high school senior passionate about remedying structural inequalities, closing educational gaps and representing Generation Z’s values to shape legislation with elected officials. Aparna is a literary advocate and author of Tales of the Invisible, a book that addresses the intersectionality of feminism and the importance of representation. Aparna served as a board member of She’s the First and was nominated as a liaison to the local women’s commission and is a youth advisor for the town’s center for domestic violence and educates peers on dating violence and women’s empowerment. Aparna is on the executive board of Model UN, educating younger students on foreign affairs and international relations and is a state advocacy lead for Students Taking Action Now: Darfur (STAND) and contributes to increasing awareness on human rights crises and ending genocide. She is also the founder of PoliText, an organization that focuses on civil education among young adults and the importance of political knowledge and has been awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Gold Award.

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