Hooray for Hollywood!

ShirleyIconI am a proud mom.  All of my three sons make me immensely proud everyday, but today I send special kudos out to my youngest, Charlie, who resides in Hollywood and is in one of the most daunting (and often frustrating) professions, movie-making.

Charlie (far right) and cast.
Four years ago, he set out cross-country to make his mark in LA.  He has endured several internships, jobs, and even rejections.  He went to LA knowing nary a soul, and since the day he set out as a pioneer for the land of fantasies, at least four of his very close childhood buddies have followed him out there.  A testament to the kind of a friend he is, I think.  A graduate of American University and the Famu film program in Prague, Charlie is a talented, determined, and optimistic young man who is not afraid to take risks to make his vision a reality.
Thanks, Charlie, for making me one proud Mama!
More Announcements…
Some of my poems have been accepted for literary magazines.  The first one, THE WRITE ROOM, includes “After the Storm” and “The Bird.”    These poems appear as two of fourteen featured poems in this online magazine.  There are a total of 341 poems.  Check out the first link.  My poem “Betty” appears in RIVER POETS JOURNAL, special matriarchal issue, page 10.  This journal will be coming out in print as well in a couple of weeks.  Click on the second link.  I am proud and happy to be in the community of published writers.  Thanks, as always, for your support.
 Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads—especially two wonderful fathers….
my dear husband and dynamic Dad, Arthur, and my son, Howie, the best new Dad celebrating his first Father’s Day.  Zoey loves you, and so do we.
Till next time–Shirley