Remembering on Memorial Day

BlimaiconHello Again–Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the dedication and sacrifice of our troops.  I will forever be grateful to the valiant soldiers who liberated my parents and other survivors from under the heavy hand of Nazi domination.  Each day I am aware of the young men and women who undergo toil and sacrifice to keep our nation whole and safe.  And, like my parents, I am so very grateful that I and my family are citizens of the United States.  Thank you.

On Sunday I was able to view patriotism up close as I witnessed the stunning parade of motorcyclists honking and showing their colors near the Washington mall.  Although I was an hour late for a book signing, I couldn’t help but feel inspired and proud at the display.

The book signing of MY MOTHER’S SHOES at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum was also a time for remembering.  I have visited the museum several times and it never fails to awe me and, I confess, leave me at a loss for words. I enjoyed meeting so many visitors and having the chance to converse with teenagers, scholars, and people from as far away as Norway.  I even met a former student from Middlesex County College!  Thank you all for your interest and kind words.

Of course it is always a joy to visit my son, Howie, and daughter-in-law, Jaime.  And I can never forget Zoey (hugs and kisses) who continues to charm us and soon will be three.  Thanks so much to my brother-in-law, Mark, and sister-in-law, Michelle, for coming out.  It is always wonderful to see family.  Lastly, my love and thanks to Arthur for driving and shlepping–you are the “bestest” of the best!