The New Year

I’m no rabbi.  I admit that I don’t know all the stories of the Bible–not even half.  I am religious, but not very observant.  BUT in this period between Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur I have paused in my active life for reflection.  Each day of my life I am grateful, of course, for the blessings of health, safety, and happiness; for the free and just country in which I live; for the survival of my parents so that we, their children, could thrive.  And yes, for my beloved new granddaughter, Zoey.  Yes, I am grateful, but today I want to talk about forgiveness–something at which I am not always so good.  It was my mother who told me to forgive, especially those who most wronged you, for they were the ones who needed forgiveness the most.  And if she could forgive, well, couldn’t I?  So this year, I will try to understand others more, their temperament, their personal struggles, their disappointments…and I will try to remember that what we have in common is greater than our differences, and that ultimately, we are all a part of the same family–the human race.  This year, I will try to remember forgiveness.